Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finally we are updating our BLOG!

Ok- i know it has been way to long and for those of you who keep hounding me- here you go! I finally figured out how to post without being online for an hour! Well, we are doing well, Justin is working like crazy and the Lord is really blessing his business. We thank Him everyday for the blessings and the trials that we go through day to day. Justin and I have had the chance to really deepen our relationship with the Lord and are doing studies with our friends Dave and Veronica (and Corban too!) and with our small group, the Spencers, Guetzes, Griffins and Bostroms! We are really enjoying being in the Word more and can't even begin to express the things the Lord is teaching us! What fun this journey has been with Baylor. I know it is just the beginning, but we are so thrilled to have the little man around!!!

Baylor is just starting to move around a ton. He rolls over and is starting to scoot around. He can't be unsupervised anymore even for a minute. AHHHHHHHH!!!! Mommy and Baylor have fun hanging out and get so excited when dad gets home. Baylor has sarted squeeling when he sees his daddy! It's so funny! Well- i went a little crazy on the pictures, but I hope you enjoy them!

Hanging out with Grandpa! I love him!

Me and my cool uncle Steve!

Uncle Joe Joe and Me

My first beer! Thanks uncle Joey! HA HA HA

My mom can't stop taking pictures of me!!!!!!!

My Mohawk man!

I'm so cute! (that's what my mommy tells me anyway!)

Hello world!


Me and my momma

Bath Time Fun!

Baylor is jsut starting to enjoy bath time! We try to give him a bath every night, but most nights that doesn't happen! We are never home. I had to put some naked pictures in here, i just love his little tushie! (Sorry Baylor)

Some Cute pictures!

Hanging out with Gram and Grandpa!

Here I am with cousin Emily! We had fun together!

I love my daddy!

Drinking my bottle on the way home from church. I am so big!

Life is so funny!
I love this picture! We were shopping for some sunglasses for uncle Steve!

He used to fall asleep like this! So funny!!!! Now he is to big.

Sleepy boy!

We used to swaddle him to go to bed, and I just loved this picture. So peaceful! He is doing really well sleeping now. His bed time now is anywhere from 8-10pm depending if we are home or not. He has been waking up around 7-7:30am but today slept until 8:30! Yea!!!! Mom loves that! He is currently taking 3 naps ranging anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to 3 1/2 hours. Normally one long one and the other two about 1 1/2 hours. Mom has been getting more done around the house and has finally gotten into the groove of keeping the house clean! It can be difficult at times because I would rather sit down when he naps! I am enjoying him so much and can't even describe how fun little B is! (That's his nick name by daddy!)


We had our dear friends the Dahms come and visit after moving to Portland. :( We miss them so much. This is their little boy Catcher! He is 4 months older than B, but they were instant friends! Aunt Kelley and Uncle Bret are holding them. Baby Guetz is going to join them soon! And Harrison Spencer is the oldest of the bunch, but I didn't have my camera around when they were all playing together.

Baylor's First Christmas!!!!

Here is our first family Christmas picture! We cordinate very well don't you think!!!! Not planned by the way, new Christmas sweaters!! We had a great first Christmas with our little Baylor. What fun! Below is a picture of Baylor and mom with santa... I wonder who that cute santa is? You might just find momma kissing santa under the Christmas tree this year! Justin did a great job as santa at our 'Hall-iday' party. (for those of you who don't know, that's my maiden name, Hall) All the kids were so excited to see santa at the party. Grandma had a great time spoiling her grandson for Christmas! The last picture is me torturing Baylor trying to take his Christmas photo!!!! Merry Christmas!