Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finally we are updating our BLOG!

Ok- i know it has been way to long and for those of you who keep hounding me- here you go! I finally figured out how to post without being online for an hour! Well, we are doing well, Justin is working like crazy and the Lord is really blessing his business. We thank Him everyday for the blessings and the trials that we go through day to day. Justin and I have had the chance to really deepen our relationship with the Lord and are doing studies with our friends Dave and Veronica (and Corban too!) and with our small group, the Spencers, Guetzes, Griffins and Bostroms! We are really enjoying being in the Word more and can't even begin to express the things the Lord is teaching us! What fun this journey has been with Baylor. I know it is just the beginning, but we are so thrilled to have the little man around!!!

Baylor is just starting to move around a ton. He rolls over and is starting to scoot around. He can't be unsupervised anymore even for a minute. AHHHHHHHH!!!! Mommy and Baylor have fun hanging out and get so excited when dad gets home. Baylor has sarted squeeling when he sees his daddy! It's so funny! Well- i went a little crazy on the pictures, but I hope you enjoy them!

Hanging out with Grandpa! I love him!

Me and my cool uncle Steve!

Uncle Joe Joe and Me

My first beer! Thanks uncle Joey! HA HA HA